Fueling my strength with my weakness

February 20, 2017

I hardly remember the memories that happened during my school/college days, I used to ask my friends how do they remember what happened 10 years ago? and this is one of my weakness. Being a software engineer I write lots of code and I won’t be able to remember why I wrote a piece of code. So I force myself to write code which anyone can understand easily and I make my commits as small as possible so that I will have a better understanding why did something.

I am very lazy or its better name would be clever, I try to use the easiest way out. The only subject I liked in school was math because the only thing that matter in the exam is the final result. Being so lazy, I hate repetitive even if its typing 1 word more every time. I use lots of aliases to help me being lazy/clever.

Being lazy made me more organized, One example is, I hang all my cloths and arrange it so every morning I don’t have to think what I should wear, I just wear which ever is the first one.