Senior Front End Engineer

Fueling my strength with my weakness

I hardly remember the memories that happened during my school/college days, I used to ask my friends how do they remember what happened 10 years ago? and this is one of my weakness. Being a software engineer I write lots of code and I won’t be able to remember why I wrote a piece of code. So I force myself to write code which anyone can understand easily and I make my commits as small as possible so that I will have a better understanding why did something.

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Usability walkthrough on

Recently, I was going through the user experience of recharging a prepaid mobile on and I found couple interesting insights. Lets look at this website from a users point of view, lets call him Bobby who is a businessman and uses the internet once a week.

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Fixing DOM Leaks with chrome devtools

Building web apps is fun, it’s like building a small castle with lots of different parts and it raises to be the shiny new castle, that’s the fun part now come the sad part, after the castle is build there might be new modification to be done and some parts of the castle will be totally useless. It’s the case with web apps when we add new feature we forget about the some parts which may cause performance issue.

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