February 25, 2017

How I started working out and made it as a habit

1. Decisioning

Being a software engineer, I hardly have any physical work which made me weak so, 2015 I decided to join gym, for the almost entire year I didn’t join but I pushed myself to join the gym on 31st December 2015 :D

2. Getting started — Coaches helps to keep you on track

I didn’t really have a plan about my goal and I didn’t have experience working out. The people at the gym recommend me to for a personal trainer which was really expensive. For a week I workout without anyone’s help and soon I understood this is boring task and I won’t be able to continue this way which made me to go for a personal trainer. My trainer really helped me to understand the importance of exercise and I understood lots more about working out and building a healthy lifestyle. He helped for 9 months and I feel this is the most valuable thing I have ever done in my life.

3. The Bigger Picture — Routine was the goal, it was not biceps

After working out for 6 months I became stronger, healthier and happier. I Understood more about my body, my posture problems and had a better understanding what I wanted. I started giving more importance to my diet. After almost a year, working out became my routine and missing it a day made me gloomy for the complete day and it even effect my sleep. Now I enjoy working out and made it my habit.

If you also want to add work out as habit, This is my recommendation.

  1. Set a date. Join the gym TODAY.
  2. Take a personal trainer for 9 months.
  3. Force yourself to go to gym every day and keep in mind your body will reward you.
  4. Tada Habit created!